Access 100% of Your Management Data

Apidata is a specialized real data management platform (portfolio management real data) for the insurance, healthcare, and provident services industries.

Apidata is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution designed to capture and standardize all the data flows coming from personal insurance management systems, whether they are managed directly or delegated, and in any format, that provides you with a secure and consolidated view of all your portfolios.

Multiflow and multiformat collection of all your data

  • The platform integrates directly with data flows, regardless of their format or number

  • Integration is quick and easy

  • All the data are stored with a history

  • Data are qualified individually so they can be changed into insights during the next phase

Standardization, control, and enhancement

  • The platform standardizes data expression thanks to a standardized insurer dictionary

  • Data are made compatible and actionable

  • They can be enriched

Availability of actionable data

  • Data extraction

  • Multiuser views, according to the management needs (accountant, CEO, actuary…)

  • Cut off de date à date

  • Archiving of all the data

  • History of all your operations

  • Reporting

  • BI

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Manage Your Risk with Your Real Data

External and independent, the Apidata platform relies on an object-relational database technology. Its comprehensive dictionaries and its rule engine provide easy access to real data.

Dedicated to the insurance industry, Apidata integrates by design all the compliance parameters (Solvency II, GDPR…), and allows you to meet reporting requirements such as FICOVIE, or the Eckert Law.

On our integration chain

Apidata - On our integration chain
  • Comprehensive flows to process all the client data
  • Standardized insurer dictionary to adjust the flows and compile data according to the client feedback requirements
  • Apidata integrates with data of any source format
  • Data are reconciled to your contract repositories
  • Directly set up your control tools
  • Process anomalies
  • Maintain the integrity of your flows
  • Consolidate controls and processings
  • Achieve a consistent portfolio
  • Standardize to the common insurance formats
  • Thanks to the insurance and delegated management dictionary
  • Secure data storage
  • Siloed client data
  • Access through secure connection profiles
  • 3 different storage environments
  • No impact on your existing systems
  • Configurable management (manual/automated)
  • Secure procedure for fixing/integrating a new flow
  • Standard views + User subscriptions with customized views
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Stream Data to Your Business Experts

Apidata is the perfect solution to feed the technical, business, predictive (BI, Big Data, AI), and financial tools of insurers with data.

At any time, access a real snapshot of your consolidated portfolio –no matter how many contracts or delegates you have– and the relevant information you need.

Many advantages

Performance/Profitability of your policyholder accounts

  • Better monitoring of pricing revisions
  • Portfolio monitoring and tuning
  • Justify the calculation of your provisions with utmost accuracy
  • Control the reimbursements made by your delegates (identification of overpayment…)
  • Identify the fluctuations in claims experience
  • Plug & play solution
  • Standard dictionaries already included
  • Easy access to data, in a standard SQL database
  • Collaborative system available through a screen
  • Transparency of the processing chain at all levels
  • Transparency with your delegates
  • Secure portal for file exchange
  • No more data loss risk
  • Portability to any system evolution
  • Regulatory compliance (GDPR)
  • Standalone data storage system
  • Easily access management information
  • Secure your sources and your data accuracy
  • Base your calculations on unique and qualified data
  • Easily reconcile technical and accounting processes
  • Transparency on their activities and outcomes
  • Analyze and compare their performance
  • Permanent audit of your delegates
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According to your needs, Apidata is available as a direct integration or in SaaS mode. You can now access our optional service offers, such as the outsourced management of your delegates.

Data Management Solution

Plateforme Apidata

  • On premise: Customized installation in license mode with annual maintenance fees, and optional hosting
  • Standard: SaaS access to the tool

Access to the platform extended features
Support and customization of request tools according to your needs

Management Solution for Delegated Management

From the platform, we can ensure an efficient management of your delegates.

Apidata innovates by offering the first management service for delegated management. We connect with all your delegates and simplify your management by becoming your single point of contact.

Apidata - Delegate services

Business Applications

A specific module for monitoring the relevant portfolios.
We identify directly from the captured data the files that need to be reported to the tax administration to comply with the FICOVIE regulation.

Migrate your data safely.
All the system information is captured, stored in a metamodel, transcoded into the new model, stored.

Development in progress:
– Withholding of daily allowance
– GDPR compliance certificates



Selected as a technological partner by CNP Assurances, KLESIA and EOVI-MCD, among others, Apidata perfectly fits into the insurer value chain in order to meet regulatory constraints and to manage its risk (Solvency II, GDPR, FICOVIE…).

Our Team

Considered as a young and innovative company, Apidata is led by data and insurance experts, and already handles more than 450 million flows every year.

Xavier GARCIAPresident/Co-founder
Expert of the banking and insurance areas, Xavier held all the commerce, management, and leadership positions in this industry, where he acquired, among the major actors, an accurate vision of the expectations and structures of this business. Being an entrepreneur, Xavier later founded Caraprévoyance, before joining Apidata in 2014 as CEO, in charge of deploying the offerings. He’s today the best ambassador for the concept of real data!
Vincent DAFFOURDVP Strategy, Marketing & Comm
Serial French entrepreneur, winner of the Mercure prize from HEC Paris in 2016, Vincent’s specializations are social innovation and support for entrepreneurship. Expert of the insurance and healthcare areas, he joined Apidata in 2018 as Vice-President, in charge of the strategy. According to him, data control and artificial intelligence are components of a major shift that needs to be apprehended fully.
Michel RAMOS
Michel RAMOSCIO/Co-founder
As an IT engineer, Michel became an expert of the banking and insurance areas, and worked on multiple innovation projects related to risk, management, or finance. After taking on leadership responsibilities in major corporations, he became an entrepreneur in 2001 with Intellipact, before creating Apidata in 2012 with Christophe Burlot. His commitment: turning management data into a strategic asset!
Christophe BURLOT
Christophe BURLOTCFO/Co-founder
Finance, leadership, executive management… Christophe is a 360° expert of the personal insurance! Added to his entrepreneurial spirit, this expertise took shape in 1998 with the creation of GIE Sygeprev, before his analysis of the market needs drove him to join Michel Ramos and co-found Apidata in 2012. His vision is more relevant than ever: handling management data will be the next performance shock on the insurance markets!

Our team: 10 employees working on development, R&D, and support.